Typesetting/Multilingual Typesetting

Lateral View handles a wide range of Books & Journals from low complexity pagination levels to heavy complexity free style design Projects. Have all your text and images in properly laid-out structures with our Page Composition and Type-setting services. We compose several complex scholarly and educational titles for some of the best names in the Industry. We have established guidelines for striking end-results which include consistent usage of well defined grids for alignment of page elements.

Consistent treatment of color schemes, fonts, spacing, pull quotations, header-footer and images. Eye-pleasing composition techniques with adequate usage of symmetrical and asymmetrical alignment schemes.

The team has experience and capability of taking and meeting deadlines for Journals, magazines and Newspapers. We specialize in a variety of composition formats including Quark Express, In Design and La Tex.

We also handle end to end Multilingual Typesetting work for leading Publishers in the Industry. We have experts in to understand the terminologies and instructions given by the client and handle the project in an effective manner.

Quality Control

Our Team will consistently ensure the quality level of the document for errors (structural and language-based), incorporating author corrections, reading through at proof stages for typographical errors and ensure lucidity.

The Quality control process includes input and in-process inspections, sampling verifications, error analysis, corrective action, preventive action and final inspection.

We validate the material through our skilled experienced audit team .Any externally processed content can be brought to us and we will help check its integrity for you using sophisticated QC tools and processes. This ensures there is no error in the final output.

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