DTD/XML Schema Development

A DTD (Document type definition) a set of markup declarations or a specific document constraining definitions for an SGML-family markup language (SGML/ XML/HTML). It is a document that defines the structure of legal elements and attributes within the SGML/XML document.

Such a document is unique to every publisher and hence needs to be well sought after. We cater to DTD requirements of publishers of all variety of books (Scientific, Technical, Academic, Medical /Surgical atlases, Historical, and Children’s books etc). Our expert team will analyze your data, document, structure and incorporate its proper use for the production of the DTD document and optionally provide a technical documentation/guideline for better understanding and convenience of the publisher.

XSLT Development

With XSLT style sheets, we can dynamically transform an XML from one schema to another. In addition, you can transform an XML document into Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), HTML to XML.

We have a dedicated team of experts who design XSLTs for browser view ability of your XML document or conversion of your documented XML to another markup language for any purpose. Similarly, our team is well equipped for designing CSS files for XHTML view ability/styling also.

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