Advantage LVT

• Lateral View positions itself as an Impact Sourcing Service Provider.
• We are not only your outsourced vendor but a Business Alliance with a clear understanding of your Vision and Goals.
• We understand the importance of Creativity in the Publishing Industry and so take up all your responsibilities with regards to production activities and free your resources to let you refocus on your core competency.
• As the Publishing sector moves from P to E, we clearly understand the transition and thus design electronic based production workflows in accordance with your expectations.
• Based in India we provide 24/7 support, communication and constructive feedback whenever you require us.
• Strong financial roots and continuous training of our human resources, helps us to scale up within a short span of time to handle higher volumes of work.
• Dynamic Pricing with true commitment that we can live up to make us the most sought after Business partner.

Organizational Work Flow

• Acquire source material from client in any of its exiting formats (XML, Word, PDF, or typeset documents ready for conversion etc)
• Copy-editing. All the copy-editing is done here so the files are ready for typesetting or conversion in case we already have a typeset document.
• Markup. This is basically conversion of formats such as word files or PDF documents to markup languages such as XML/HTML/SGML as per the client’s requirement.
• Parsing of the initial conversions that go into typesetting or conversion. Parsing is basically validation of file conformity with industry standards.
• The article is then composed through desired software to generate a PDF in case the source files are unedited documents straight from the author.
• The article is then typeset in the publishers desired software (such as In Design, Quark, 3B2)
• The typeset document is now proofread by a proofreader for any corrections.
• Article is then sent to the Quality Check team.
• Any corrections pointed out by the QC team are now performed
• The front matter and back matter for the articles is now composed. Then sent to the QC team again to check for errors and any corrections if needed are made.
• Upon completion, a final PDF is sent to the client/author for review.
• Final corrections based on clients review are performed and a final copy of the issue is uploaded for review.
• Upon approval, file is sent to the certification team after which the article is ready for print.

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