eBook Development

You provide us with a manuscript and every associated source file that needs to be incorporated, which we then convert into an ebook in any of its varying formats depending upon your need. Upon completion we provide final files which then go under revisions to change any look and feel as per your preferences. We can use any method of file transfer (for e.g. FTP client, Dropbox, Google Drive) as per your convenience.

Asset Collection (Digital or Print)
You may provide us with any of the following source material for digitization or production of a final,
marketable product:

• Word / Notepad (.docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf)
• PDF (.pdf)
• Any Document within the SGML family (SGML, XML, HTML)
• Prepress / Typeset Documents - Adobe InDesign (.indd), Quark (.qxd)
• Print Books
• We are also flexible with others file sources in any of its current existing formats.

Varying file types of ebooks
The ePUB file format is the most advanced and commonly used file format today, optimized for use on the iPad (Can be optimized for any device/desktop browsers, depending upon the requirement). It is paginated into the following styles -

• Reflowable – This pagination of an ebook is generally well suited to text books or books with a simple format, such as a single or double column of layout with images, tables, videos, limited interactivity or plain simple text. These books are generally coded as an ePUB2 variant.

• Fixed-Layout – This pagination of an ebook is generally well suited to books that have a lot of imaging and illustrations where the style of the content needs to be maintained as is in the source files. Such books are generally coded as an ePUB3 variant. Many interactive children’s books, comic books, cook books, travel guides, restaurant guides, company reports and scientific journals are paginated into a fixed-layout style.

Most simple books are coded in ePUB2 file format. They have many supported features however they are not as advanced as an ePUB3 file type (ePUB3 allows HTML5 coding with CSS3 styling compatibility. However, a simple book does not need such advanced coding since it will not be interactive but only informational!). By coding a book in its ePUB3 file type a lot of features can be incorporated such as text-to-speech, quizzes, flowcharts, custom TOC navigation, incorporation of SVG files, scripting and interactivity, multimedia (Audio/Video support), multi-column layout, using headers/footers, MathML coding and alternating style sheets among others.

In the past we have also efficiently created many ebooks, optimized for other devices such as Kindle, Android, Nook, and HTML browsers.

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