Most people think of copy editing as largely consisting of checking spelling, punctuation and grammar. These are, of course, major elements of the work. However not limited to this. Lateral View has a team of skilled professionals who, with many years of editorial-specific experience, remove discrepancies and work further to enhance the overall impact.

We check for the factual correctness of your material and create an error free document. We also prepare a style sheet for you on your request. We have our research professionals consistently working on creating newer methods for the automation of copy-editing processes, to speed up time and accuracy by many times.

We specialize in scholarly, scientific, technical, medical & social manuscripts.

On the onset of every project, we take detailed inputs from every client; define target audience, purpose of communication, mode of communication and other project related details. This helps us in understanding specific requirements.

Proofreading Services

Lateral View provides professional proofreading services exclusively for publishing houses, Business customers, Post-doctoral researchers, Professors and Lecturers.

Our aim is to meet the growing demand for English-language services from academics and business people around the world.

We have a dedicated team of professionals for scientific and academic proofreading along with editorial services for Authors of Journals, Articles, Books and other professional Documents in the Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities. The information provided to us is held in absolute confidence and Privacy. We guarantee never to give away your personal information to any third Party; we go the extra mile to ensure that our IT equipment incorporates the latest security devices and software including encryption.

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